Working at AudioVision

AudioVision presents itself as a total event technology supplier on the business market. In addition to performing our own assignments, we are also happy to support fellow rental companies with advice, staff and materials. To execute these productions, we are constantly looking for motivated lighting, sound and video technicians. Our working area is mainly central Netherlands but national and international assignments are also frequent.

To learn more about AudioVision check the about us page.

Are you working as a freelance technician in the event industry and would you like to work for us? Then please sign up using the form below:

Tips for completing the form

0: No experience or interest.
So as a die-hard audioman, you fill in 0 everywhere at light 🙂 …

1: Basic knowledge.
You know the operating principles and can assist a more experienced tech, or, for example, you are an experienced videotech who is fine with hanging some lights as well.

2: Experienced.
You can independently build a set according to specified drawing, test it and deliver it working.

3: Highly experienced.
You have a broad knowledge of the subject matter and can confidently run a show and/or troubleshoot, for example.

4: Specialist.
You know all the ins and outs and crew members come to you as a last helpline. If you don’t know, no one does 🙂 .

Do high qualifications mean a lot of work?

Not necessarily: the skillset required is different for each project. An expanded range of qualifications makes you more broadly employable and therefore more likely to be hired. For some (smaller) projects it is sometimes more pleasant to work with an all-round team in the field of light, sound and/or video compared to 1 specialist per discipline.

Does a lot of experience mean a lot of work?

For each project, we select a healthy mix of experienced and less experienced technicians. In this, we certainly accommodate motivated talent and offer opportunities for advancement.

What happens after you sign up?

After you sign up, we will take your information into our database. As soon as we want to schedule you for a project for the first time, we will contact you personally.

Please, give a picture of your skills as realistic as possible.

We select the crew needed for a project based on work experience and skills. Therefore, it is important that you give a realistic picture of your knowledge: so do not overqualify yourself.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email us.

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