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Are you organizing an event soon and want to make your visitors’ experience even more memorable? Then rent a ROE Black Diamond LED screen from AudioVision. Promising high quality and flexibility, LED panels will take your festival, trade show or staff party to an even higher level. Learn why the ROE Black Diamond is the best choice for your next event.

Rent a LED-screen

What is a ROE Black Diamond led screen?

The ROE Black Diamond LED screens are produced by ROE Visual, a leading manufacturer within the world of LED screens. With a great focus on quality and the latest technologies and innovations in their repertoire, they make the best possible products available to their customers time and again.

These are values and services to which we also attach at least equal importance at AudioVision. Within our offerings, flexibility and quality are at the forefront, but we want to encourage and support creativity just as much. The Black Diamond has a variety of size and set-up options making the creative possibilities endless. So we did not hesitate for a moment to add the screens to product range!

Below we list the main features and benefits of a ROE Black Diamond LED screen:

  1. Lightweight and eye-catching
    Each panel individually weighs less than 5.5kg, making it easy to move and install. Do you prefer to highlight your message on a slightly larger scale? Then easily form multiple panels into one large LED screen.
  2. The ideal arrangement, regardless of shape or environment
    Are you organizing your event in a round room and maybe even with xR (extended reality)? Want to add depth to your stage or provide a better viewing experience? In those cases, a curved setup gives the best experience. With the option for curved panels, the ROE Black Diamond makes sure you have several options every time.
  3. A clear message deserves a clear image
    Thanks to its 2.6 pixel pitch, the screen provides a high-definition image with great contrast and brightness. Display images and videos quickly and with high resolution. With beautiful and strong colors, you’ll boost your image or video. With an equally strong sound system, you can leave an even more lasting impact on your guests.
  4. Many magnets make light work
    All panels are equipped with an array of magnets, ensuring easy and seamless installation. This also makes them easy to place in both stackable and suspended structures.

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Rent a LED-screen

Where and what can you use an ROE Black Diamond LED screen for?

LED screens are enormously versatile and thus multi-purpose. This makes them suitable for a lot of different events, regardless of size, location or duration. Some uses include:

  • Corporate events: Whether for your employees, trade show attendees or other guests, ROE Black Diamond LED screens are a great option for displaying images, videos or information. Taking into account your needs and budget, AudioVision will always work with you to find the appropriate setup and implementation. Want to give your guests an even better experience? Then with creative lighting design and an appropriate sound system, you can make your event even more complete.
  • Festivals: A festival should be heard, seen and felt. Creating an alternative world where visitors can escape reality for a while. Want to set up an xR stage in addition to a bunch of LED panels? Or besides all your stages, maybe you even want a silent disco? Then be sure to contact our experts, they will help think further about the implementations of this.
  • Hybrid events: With hybrid events, it is important that physical and digital aspects merge seamlessly. It is crucial that your event then runs equally smoothly for both physical and online visitors. Don’t yet have the right livestream material for your event yourself? AudioVision is also the right place for livestream equipment.

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What are the alternatives to the ROE Black Diamond LED screens?

Is a simpler construction enough for you or would you like to compare options? Don’t panic, we are happy to give you some more alternatives on ROE screens.

  1. TV Screen: For small-scale presentations, meetings or your trade show booth, our TV screens can still be a good option. They are available in sizes from 24 to 75 inches and, like the LED screens, always feature high resolution, the latest technology and are suitable for tripod or wall mounting.
  2. Projection screen and beamer: Need a larger image size but a more limited budget, then AudioVision’s projection screens may be a better choice. Do you suddenly want to rent a beamer with that? You can call on us for that, too.

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Why is AudioVision the ideal partner?

With more than 20 years of experience in event technology, we are the ideal partner for any type of event. Whether you are expecting 10 or 10,000 visitors, have a large or small budget to make available, have a concrete idea or are not at all sure yet how to set up your space, with Audivision you are always at the right place.

Together with you, we will look for a total package and solution to obtain the best result. With our service, knowledge and experience, we try to relieve you of all concerns regarding technical support.

Convinced about the ROE Black Diamond LED screens? Or are you still not sure what the possibilities or options are for your event? Then ask our specialists for advice without obligation.

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ROE Black Diamond Led Screen

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