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Choose between studio microphones or wireless headsets. If you would like to have both please contact us.

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Brief specifications

  • For creating a high-quality webcast with multiple microphones and cameras
  • Choice of several cameras, both fixed and remote controlled
  • Connect to your own computer or full service including technicians from AudioVision
  • Suitable for all webcast / livestream services (Open Broadcaster, Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Skype, Twitch.TV, …)

Default included:

  • 1x Atem TV Studio video switcher
  • 1x Web Presenter USB interface
  • 1x Rodecaster Audio interface
  • Cameras of your choice (Fixed camera Compact or Pro, Remote camera)
  • Set of (table) tripods for the cameras
  • 1 or more studio microphone(s) with table tripod or rod
  • 1x Required cabling


Description Webcast set Pro

The Webcast set Pro is suitable for larger rooms and more extensive programs such as e.g. workshops. With a variety of cameras and microphones to choose from, you can put together the setup that’s most suitable for you. Everything is connected to a simple audio interface and video switcher. The final result appears in your preferred software just like your webcam image and you are ready to broadcast.

The video switcher features 4 HDMI and 4 SDI inputs, so in total you can connect 8 sources so you can show videos or powerpoint slides in addition to live images. The SDI connections allow you to bridge greater distances to the cameras, making this set suitable for somewhat larger rooms and studios.

The audio interface is equipped with 4 microphone inputs and separate connections for background music and telephone pairing, for example. So even live phone calls are among the possibilities! In addition, this interface has a jingle pad for starting short tunes and sounds.

With this set, you have a choice of different cameras and microphones:

  • Fixed camera compact: suitable for small studio environments with sufficient light or close-up shots
  • Fixed camera pro: suitable for larger spaces and live events with changing conditions
  • Remote Camera: remotely operable and suitable for environments with changing conditions
  • Studio microphone on rod or table stand: for studio environments and table conversations
  • Wireless headset microphone: for talk show setups and changing presentation spots

Adequate light is very important for good image quality; we can provide this as well. Since every location is different, we are happy to give personal advice on this.

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