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What do I need for a good livestream?

Would you like to host your first livestream soon and are you looking for the technical possibilities? Are you not completely satisfied with the result of your last livestream?  Or do you just prefer to leave it to a professional? At AudioVision, we not only have the equipment but also the knowledge and experience.

Setting up an excellent livestream or webinar is often underestimated: outside of a controlled environment such as behind your desk or in your living room, you quickly face all kinds of challenges in terms of sound and light that can significantly affect your livestream.

Below, we give you some advice for creating your perfect livestream set. Do you prefer to outsource? Then contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Where to organise a livestream


An important aspect for choosing livestream equipment is the location from which you will broadcast.
We offer simple sets for you at home, we can provide a live stream at your office or at any event venue. Of course it is also possible to visit our equipped studio for an attractive rate.


On a special location

Broadcast from an event venue, on your rooftop terrace or in an empty factory building? That requires customization. Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help you. Would you like to get some background info in advance? Then feel free to read on this page.


At the office or in a (temporary) studio

Simple and fast live from a professionally equipped studio, including operation and technician support?
The studio has a fixed decor with further furnishings customizable to your needs. Contact us for options.

Remote Camera set 1

At the office or at home

Do you prefer to set up your live stream yourself but don’t have the materials? Check out our curated webcast sets, cameras and studio lighting to easily broadcast from your home or office. Click below for an overview and tips for setting up an outstanding livestream.

Livestream equipment


A quality picture makes viewers have a better experience at your livestream. A webcam often creates good images, but only under ideal conditions.To give you the choice in application and budget, we have three options in our range. Also check out our full range: livestream cameras.

 35,00 ex. btw
 65,00 ex. btw

HDMI Camera For home or small spaces. The limited cable length of HDMI (10mtr) is a limitation in this regard. In addition, these cameras often have a small lens, making them less suitable for dark rooms and varying light conditions.

Professional Camera

For larger locations. With the SDI connection, bridging 100 meters between camera and director is no problem. The larger lens and wider setting options make this camera suitable for on-site presentations, performances and club shows.

Remote Camera

For remote operation. 1 person can operate multiple cameras and multiple images are possible per camera. Also useful when the space is limited.

Livestream equipment

Sound / microphones

Will you be presenting in your livestream? In that case a good microphone is very important. A built-in microphone in camera or laptop captures a lot of ambient noise in addition to your voice. Which brings us to 1 of the biggest annoyances when watching presentations online: poor speech intelligibility.

Will you be presenting with multiple people or will you be using other sound sources (music, videos, etc.) in your livestream? Then the balance between different sound sources is also important.
Also, the overall audio level you send to the live stream should not be too loud (overdriven), but not too soft either.

Below is an overview of the most commonly used microphones in livestream broadcasts.

Wireless Headset Microphone

For speech intelligibility, the best choice. After setting up, this microphone is always in optimal position. The speaker keeps his hands free and because the microphone is wireless, walking around unhindered is not a problem.

Wireless Handheld Microphone

Handheld microphone without wire. Suitable for interviews or for speakers who prefer not to stand empty-handed.

Table microphone with stand

Suitable for speakers in a fixed position. For example, behind a lectern or at a table during interviews or panel discussions.

Livestream equipment

Converter / Video Mixer

To convert your images and sound into a live stream, you need a converter. This converts the video and audio signals into a virtual webcam or stream that you can use to broadcast on your preferred platform (Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Skype, etc.).

Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. A separate converter is already almost unnecessary. In fact, even our cheapest video mixer already has a converter built in!

 35,00 ex. btw
 495,00 ex. btw
Atem mini

Our simplest video mixer, with USB Webcam connection! Connect the mixer to your computer and the outgoing footage can be used as a virtual webcam for your live stream.

Atem TV Studio + Web Presenter

A comprehensive video mixer with many features. Possibility of connecting additional screen so you can keep an eye on all your images at 1 glance. The Web Presenter converts the outgoing signal to a virtual webcam for your laptop or computer.

vMix Livestream server

Our most comprehensive option for the professionals. Fully equipped server rack with camera inputs and internet connection to broadcast directly to the internet. With many additional features such as recording, social-media integration, playing video clips and making video calls.

Prefer to outsource everything?

No stress or worries about the technology of your livestream? Rather leave everything to a professional? If so, contact us now for advice.

Livestream equipment


When recording or broadcasting images, lighting conditions cannot be underestimated. If the background is too light, you are mainly visible as a shadow; if the background is too dark, it falls away. So a good balance is important here.

Also keep in mind that lighting conditions may change during your stream. The sun can suddenly come out and provide light through a window. Will you broadcast in the early morning or toward evening in a room with large windows? Then you will have to adjust the light and camera settings during your stream.

Through artificial light, you can create a controlled environment and compensate for outside influences. Below are some items that can help you do just that.

Will you run your livestream through us? If so, we always provide front and back lighting for the speaker(s). Depending on the environment and requirements, we add additional light to enhance the setting or evoke different atmospheres.

Led shot Hercules

LED Spot with customizable colors. To be used as a backlight or mood light.


For camera shots and photography, good, even lighting without shadows is important. We have soft panels for rent especially for this purpose. The B-Panel240CW is suitable for small (temporary) studio spaces but also for larger productions.

Robe led Beam moving head

Professional moving light. Please contact us if you have no experience with this

Livestream equipment

preview screen

Is the speaker not near the laptop you will be livestreaming on? If so, it may be wise to provide a preview screen so that the speaker can also see what is in view. A preview screen for presentations or questions/responses from viewers can also be very helpful, so the speaker can see what questions are on the minds of viewers. By acting on this quickly, you create additional interaction.

24″ Display on table stand

For small and medium-sized spaces. An excellent screen to use to follow what is being broadcast on the stream.

55″ led screen on tripod

Put this screen next to the camera, showing reactions from the audience. That way you can follow along well without having to look away from the camera.

65″ led screen on stand

When using multiple cameras, you can place this screen centrally. That way you always keep a good overview.

Livestream equipment

Perhaps also useful

Beyond the previously mentioned necessities, the items below may also help you to improve the livestream experience.

 360,00 ex. btw
 90,00 ex. btw
 45,00 ex. btw
A large LED screen

A nice big LED screen can complete your livestream studio. It’s a nice backdrop and you easily show movies on it.


Have a hybrid livestream with people in the room. Then good sound reinforcement is a must. Check out our now speakers.

Professional Presentation clicker

Control your presentation remotely. That way you don’t have a laptop in view for a tighter look.

A few more tips

We are now involved in livestreaming events, large and small, on a daily basis. The pitfalls are often underestimated. Therefore, we hereby give you some more tips:

  • Start preparing on time
    Consult temporarily with participants about their needs. Think carefully about the method of streaming. When scheduling a live stream, you must choose certain technical settings that you may not be able to change later.
  • Test your internet connection
    At www.speedtest.net you can test the down and upload speed of your Internet connection. That way you will know in time if your connection is fast and stable enough for live streaming.
  • Provide a wired internet connection
    It is more stable than WiFi. Also, check your router’s firewall for the required ports or check with the IT department. Avoid guest networking! These are often more stringently secured, making live streaming impossible.
  • Do a test stream
    Watch it over another network and preferably in another room. That way you can be sure the picture and sound quality is good and you can fix problems before you go live.
  • Choose the right streaming platform
    There are many different streaming platforms available, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Microsoft Teams and Vimeo. Choose the platform that suits your target audience and goals best.

  • Content archiving
    Make recordings of the live stream and save them for later use. That way, you can watch the live stream again later or share it with others.

Want to know more about how to organise a good livestream?


Frequently asked questions about live streams

We often let the choice depend on the purpose of the broadcast. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, for example Youtube and Facebook control music rights very much.

Do you only want to transmit? Then Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch,… are best suited. If you want a lot of interaction with your viewers, then we think Zoom or Microsoft Teams, for example, are a better option.

By now we have experience with most options and are happy to help you make the right choice.

You can create a link prior the livestream you can share it via social media, email or other channels. We can take this off your hands.

Yes, depending on the platforms used for the livestream, there are different opportunities for audience interaction, such as polls, questions and chats. For some clients, we like to use Mentimeter to interact with the audience. In a hybrid event, we use a catch box (microphone to throw into the audience) for the live audience question.

Yes, if you record the livestream you can share it later. It is also possible to share the recording automatically.

Yes, you can add your branding to your livestream. This can range from adding your logo, to presenting your name and brand message during the stream.

Yes, we can integrate your branding into the livestream. This can range from adding your logo to presenting your name and brand message during the stream.

For safety’s sake, we keep 8 to 10mbit upload for a professional stream.
A Full-HD stream with good audio needs +- 6mbit bandwidth. Since Internet speed is never guaranteed with most subscriptions and depends on other users, it is wise to always have a margin.
When using our vMix server, it is possible to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. In that case, you should consider 6mbit upload per stream + margin.

What do you need for a good livestream

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