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Organise professional worry-free webinars with AudioVision

Are you organising a webinar? No worries about technology. Our professionals take everything off your hands during a webinar, so no stress about bad picture or other technical problems.

Your webinar will be a roaring success with our high-end technology and our experienced technicians by your side.

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The various webinar options

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Webinar studio at your location

We offer the option of bringing our professional webinar studio to your location. We provide everything you need for a successful webinar, anywhere.

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Webinar at a fixed location

Choose for convenience by hosting your webinar at a fixed location. AudioVision offers a top quality webinar studio that ensures your presentation runs flawlessly.

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Webinar equipment rental

Looking for just the right audio-visual equipment for your webinar? From camaras to lights.

Whether you know exactly what you need or when you are looking for advice, we are happy to help.

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Support from professionals at your Webinar

Our experienced technicians provide support for every aspect of your webinar. From setting up and testing the equipment, to during the webinar itself to make sure everything runs smoothly.

So don’t stress about the techinics! AudioVision provides a worry-free webinar.

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Customers score us a 9,1 on average


We hosted a seminar with live stream for the first time. During the seminar we had PowerPoint, movies and a video conference with an expert from abroad. AudioVision gave us excellent advice and expertly handled the technical supervision during the seminar.

R. Zwetsloot



Very satisfied with AudioVision’s service! Very good and easy communication. We were helped quickly with a customized solution. I can recommend them to anyone!

Esther Hofmans


Online seminar

An online seminar, also called a webinar, is an online presentation that you watch from the comfort of your own computer or tablet. It is an interactive way to share information, where participants can ask questions and get answers via chat. Online seminars are often used for educational purposes, such as providing training, workshops or courses. They are also used for marketing and sales purposes, such as promoting products or services.

AudioVision is happy to help you provide technical support for your online seminar.

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Frequently asked questions about webinars


We can connect to all possible live stream and meeting platforms. So we support not only streaming services such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc., but also Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts where it is possible to pull viewers into the broadcast and answer their questions live.

We often let the choice depend on the purpose of the broadcast. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages, for example Youtube and Facebook control music rights very much.

Do you only want to transmit? Then Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch,… are best suited. If you want a lot of interaction with your viewers, then we think Zoom or Microsoft Teams, for example, are a better option.

By now we have experience with most options and are happy to help you make the right choice.

Participants / interaction

We make sure your webinar is accessible through the platforms you want – such as Microsoft Teams, Facebook and YouTube to your own website. You can share the link yourself or we can provide that as well.

Yes, depending on the platforms used for the webinar, there are various opportunities for audience interaction, such as polls, questions and chats. For some clients, we like to use Mentimeter to interact with the audience.

For a hybrid event, we use a catch box (microphone to throw into the audience) for the live publek question.

Yes, all of our livestreams are saved and can be viewed on our website at a later time. This, of course, always in consultation with the customer. We can also automatically share these with all participants.

Technical Support

Our team of experts will be present throughout the webinar to address any technical issues immediately and ensure a flawless broadcast.

Yes, we provide full on-site technical support to ensure your webinar runs smoothly.

We use the latest technology and high-quality audio equipment to ensure crystal clear sound. Our team of experienced technicians evaluate and control the sound quality throughout the broadcast.

We also make sure that the sound and picture are in sync.


Yes, we can integrate your branding into the webinar. This can range from adding your logo to presenting your name and brand message during the stream.

Yes, we offer several packages for both one-time events and recurring livestreams. Contact us for more details.

Organising a webinar

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