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Your big day is coming up. Do you want all the friends and family who cannot physically be there to see the ceremony / wedding? Then take advantage of the opportunities of livestreaming. We arrange everything to perfection and make your day truly great.

Live stream

Live stream your wedding. That way everyone is a little bit there

Soon it will finally be here, you and your partner will be getting married and of course you want everyone to have seen this. Therefore, a wedding is not just the first occasion, but a beautiful moment of pure love.

Whether you’re getting married in a remote location or have guests who can’t make the trip, there are many reasons why some of your friends or family can’t be there on your big day. The good news is that, thanks to technology, there is a way for your loved ones to experience the wedding live without physically being there: setting up a live stream for your wedding.

But before you turn on the camera, there are a few things to consider. Will the connection remain stable when you say yes to each other? Is your little cousin walking in front of the camera when you put the rings on? One by one scenarios that we at AudioVision help prevent while livestreaming your wedding or wedding ceremony.

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How does a wedding livestream actually work?

Our main mission at AudioVision is to be able to provide people with a full live streaming service while completely unburdening our customer.

So, together with our experts in the field, we are happy to review the various options with you.

Do we keep it simple by starting to use 1 camera or is there rather a need for multiple cameras and a professional directing assistant?

Rather not have us visibly present at you wedding? No problem! With our remotely controlled cameras, we provide a perfect live stream without even having to be in the room. Perfect for those people who still prefer to keep their wedding a bit intimate.

In addition, we always make sure that our people are present at the location a few hours in advance and have completed the necessary checks.

Of course, we also always make sure that a high quality recording is available for yourself so that you can enjoy the most beautiful moment of your life for a long time to come.

What do you need to livestream a wedding?

Proper live streaming of a wedding requires more than a laptop and a meeting app. There is a lot you need to think about.

  • Audiovisual equipment such as cameras, microphones, and a mixing desk, for example.
  • How can only invitee log in and not everyone in the world?
  • But also whether your Internet connection has enough capacity.
  • How do you get the sound of the speakers across properly on the live stream?
  • Can you play movies? etc.

At AudioVision, we can take care of all your worries. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to make your event, wedding or meeting run smoothly. Whether you’re just looking for the right audiovisual equipment, or need help organizing your event? We are happy to think with you.

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Live stream

What does a wedding livestream cost?

Totally fun anyway such a live stream of your wedding, but how much does it all actually cost? You can choose to rent only equipment and provide the live stream yourself. However, if you want to be completely unburdened then you can let us take care of it. Below are 3 examples of what live streaming of a wedding / ceremony costs approximately.

Live stream set incl. staff 1

  • Basic live stream set
  • 1 x camera + microphone
  • Staff cost: 3 hours (service + set up and take down)
  • Transport within a range of Amsterdam/Utrecht

Total: € 387, – ex VAT

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Live stream set incl. staff 2

  • Basic live stream set
  • 2 x camera + microphone
  • Speakers for the room
  • Staff cost: 3 hours (service + set up and take down)
  • Transport within a range of Amsterdam/Utrecht

Total: € 547,- ex VAT

This is an example. Contact us for a free quote.

Equipment rental without staff

  • Basic live stream set
  • 1 camera and microphone
  • Pick up in Amsterdam or Utrecht
  • No staff for set-up or service.

Total: € 225, – ex VAT

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Frequently asked questions about live streams and hybrid events

Yes you can! We can create a personalized link where only your guests can access the live stream of your wedding.

We can connect to all possible live stream and meeting platforms. So we support not only streaming services such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc., but also Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts where it is possible to pull viewers into the broadcast and answer their questions live.

Unfortunately, we don’t. But we can put you in touch with companies that do this more often.

It is possible! We can then make a live connection. This does incur additional costs. For example, we need to put up a projector or TV.

Live Stream Wedding

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