Live stream & hybrid

Can you only bring limited people together in one room? No problem! AudioVision offers solutions for livestreaming online meetings or events, in all shapes and sizes.

Live stream

Live stream, what exactly is that?

With live streaming, in many forms, you can reach people or have them come together without having to be physically together. Think of it as an interactive live TV broadcast over the internet. It’s you who decided who decide who gets to watch and participate. The possibilities are endless: You can broadcast in a protected environment, allowing the organizer to decide who can watch and who cannot. You can make your meeting interactive. You can have speakers in different locations. Numerous apps allow you to host online meetings from behind your desk. But if you want something more, you also need more. At Audiovision, we can offer you more.

Hybrid Event

The current (COVID-19) government regulations allows events on a limited scale, however, many physical gatherings are proving unfeasible due to the limited number of people in one space.

The solution? Combining a live event with a live stream! Hybrid events as we call it, part of the audience is live in the room and the rest is watching from another place. Whether at home on the couch, in the office, in another room or another building it doesn’t matter.

Through online interaction such as asking questions but also dialing in speakers or guests, you can still organize an event where all spectators are 1 group. For now, then, just not in the same location for a while.

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Hogeschool Utrecht (HU)

“A very nice collaboration where everything was possible, there was a flexible response and the quality of the online event was very good.

Live stream

The various options

Full service in our studio

Still looking for a great venue where you can quickly and easily set up your event? Then take advantage of our fully equipped livestream studio in Utrecht, with customizable décor. Supported by our technicians, you will create a thoroughly professional broadcast.

Full service on your location

Do you already have your own venue for your event but are still looking for a reliable partner to provide the technology? 

Then contact us with no obligation at all! 

Do it yourself?

Looking for just the right audiovisual resources/equipment for your live stream? From camaras to lights.

Whether you know exactly what you need or when you are looking for advice, we are happy to help.

Live stream

The various applications

You can use a live stream for a variety of purposes. The possibilities for live streaming are endless, which is why we also like to think with you. Interaction with viewers is an important aspect when it comes to live streaming an event. Everyone wants a flawless stream which is at least as interesting as a live meeting.


Online event

You want to hold a meeting with your entire company! In doing so, people should be able to ask questions you want answered live. You have different speakers in different locations, throughout the country. In doing so, one has a presentation and the other a video. And oh, there are also two teams in the office. What to do?


You want to kick off a new project! The project team, with people from different organizations, should get together to get to know each other and brainstorm together. You facilitate the brainstorming – you don’t want to have to worry about the technology.


Stream your wedding ceremony live to your family and friends! Can’t everyone attend? Then live streaming may be too option to still allow everyone to attend. This can be done with remote cameras so there is no need to have a cameraman in the room, so you can invite more people.

What do you need for a live stream?

A well-run event requires more than a laptop and a meeting app. There is a lot you need to think about. Audiovisual equipment such as cameras, microphones, and a mixing desk, for example. But also whether your internet connection has enough capacity, or how to switch from one speaker to another. Want to work with a whiteboard? Can you play movies? How do you get people to ask questions?

At AudioVision, we can take care of all your worries. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to make your event or meeting run smoothly. Whether you’re just looking for the right audiovisual resources, or want to be completely unburdened in our in-house studio. We are happy to help.

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Customers score us a 9,1 on average


Great service, good contact, the equipment was very good. Recommended!

R. Zwetsloot



Fast service (within one our the rented equipment)! They think with you.

T. Schuurman



Asked to provide sound for the MIE’19 conference at the Jaarbeurs. Everything worked perfectly.

E. Phillippa



Frequently asked questions about live streams and hybrid events

We take the corona virus very seriously and do everything we can within the guidelines of the RIVM to provide the best possible service. This includes:

  • Everyone always working 1.5 meters apart
  • We work with remotely controlled cameras so that we are present with as few people as possible.
  • We adhere to government and RIVM guidelines and advice

The health of our customers, employees and suppliers is paramount. At the same time, we also understand that right now, online communication with your customers, associates, colleagues or students is crucial to the progress of your business.

We can connect to all possible live stream and meeting platforms. So we do not support only streaming services such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc., but also Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, where it is possible to pull viewers into the broadcast and answer their questions live.

We often let the choice depend on the purpose of the broadcast. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. For example Youtube and Facebook control music rights very much.

Do you only want to transmit? Then Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch,… are best suited. If you want a lot of interaction with your viewers, then we think Zoom or Microsoft Teams, for example, are a better option.

By now we have experience with most options and are happy to help you make the right choice.

Nothing more annoying than watching a speaker where the sound is not in sync with the picture. We always make sure everything is “lipsync.”

During online ALVs, we can use a platform built specifically for this purpose. Two-step verification when members log in, allows us to securely and legally hold votes during the online AGM. All votes are immediately counted and automatically minuted.

Yes we do. We can provide remote help and support for online meetings and events. Read more on our page: Technical Assistance for Online Meetings.