Benefits hybrid events

A hybrid event is a combination of a physical conference with the benefits of Livestreaming. But what does that mean for you and what are the benefits for your visitors? Read all the benefits below.

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So what is the difference between a physical, online or hybrid event?

In recent years, the number of hybrid events has grown tremendously. In the past, mainly physical events existed. In physical events, everyone is physically present at the event location, leading to physical contact and interaction. Thanks to technological innovations such as live streaming, improved camera technology and more stable Internet, online events have emerged. Here, events are broadcast via a live stream and followed en masse by interested parties via a computer, smartphone or tablet. This allows people to stay home while still attending an event. Webinars are a common application of this.

During the pandemic, it was mainly the latter type of event that gained popularity. Events were massively streamed from home, yet everyone feels the need to be together, interact and network. Many people also discovered the benefits of online events during this period. No wasting time in traffic, continuing to work or feeding the children are some of them.

Both forms of events offer numerous benefits, so why not combine them? Thus a new form of event conducting was born: a hybrid event!

Hybrid events allow spectators to attend the event both physically and online. So there is both an audience at the event, and it is broadcast via a live video or audio link. In doing so, the online portion not only consists of a live stream but also interacts with the online audience during the event. So a hybrid event is the perfect solution to take all possible outcomes into account.

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Why choose a hybrid event?

Reach a larger audience:
Offering your event both physically and online works as a barrier to entry which ensures a larger reach.

Review later:
We always record at online and hybrid events. This can be used after the event to watch back or use snippets for social media or promotional purposes, for example.

Offering your event online ensures that people do not have to travel to the venue, which reduces the burden on the environment.

At AudioVision, we are convinced that hybrid event hosting will continue. Indeed, it offers both the benefits of a physical event, and those of an online event.

Live stream

So what are the benefits of a hybrid event?

Benefits hybrid event – physical aspect:

  1. More interactive – although online events have become much more interactive, a live audience still provides more interaction. The audience is easier to reach and their mood is easier to read.
  2. Relaxing – all distractions can be eliminated during a live event. Also, live events often conclude with a snack and a drink.
  3. Social contact – one of the main reasons for being physically present is social contact. For the visitor, it is more fun to see each other in real life. It provides the ideal opportunity to network and make new contacts.
  4. Spectacle/Instagrammable – with on-site events, there are many possibilities visually. The visitors can be completely immersed sensually in a spectacle and you can really leave an impression with them. Using attractive décor, playful elements and a beautiful setting will encourage your visitors to take photos or videos. These in turn can then be used for content on social media.
  5. More attentive – because attendees are not following the event on their laptops or smartphones, they are less likely to be distracted. A good speaker, who properly commands the attention of the audience, is obviously essential in this regard.
  6. Experience – people are looking for experience. Physical events have more impact than online events because all the senses are stimulated. They go through an experience, you can make them see, feel, taste and smell. It is also the ideal place to give away a goodie bag to reinforce the memory of the event.

Benefits hybrid event – online aspect:

  1. Boundless – people around the world can follow the event. So taking a trip is not necessary. People all over the world can follow along with your event at the click of a button.
  2. More sustainable – by eliminating the need for the public to travel, it is also more sustainable. Just think of all the fuel (cars or planes) saved.
  3. The size of your event – the venue no longer determines how big the event can be and how many people can attend. By also broadcasting it online, many more people can attend without having to find an extra large venue.
  4. Reusable – the event is easier to absorb. This allows you to reuse the recording later. You can broadcast it again in full, or you can break up the broadcast into short, manageable pieces. That way, you can also easily reuse it on your social media to have an even greater reach.
  5. More selective – people who are not interested in all parts of the event can choose which moments they want to follow along. They come online when they want to follow along, and can leave during the pieces they are not interested in.
  6. Multitasking – people can do other things during the event. Because it is online, they are not tied to the location and only need the Internet. This allows them to continue working, sit in the sun or prepare their food. They are much freer to do what they need or want to do.

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Ready to host a hybrid event?

Now that you know the many benefits of hybrid events, you want to organize one yourself. But how to go about this and how much will it cost you?

These are legitimate questions that will come up when organizing any type of event. Therefore, we have described some tips for organizing a hybrid event. The cost depends on several variables: the streaming platform, the number of cameras, what equipment you want to rent, …

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to look at the costs together and prepare a personalized quote.

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Benefits hybrid events

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