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Hybrid events

A hybrid event is an event that you can attend both physically and online. So it takes place at a location with a live audience but is also broadcast over the Internet. In doing so, the online part not only consists of a live stream but also interacts with the online audience. That way, interested parties who are unable to come to the location can still participate in the event.
So a hybrid event is the perfect way to reach a much larger audience, without the need for an extremely large location.

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What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events are a combination of a physical event and an online or livestream event. Thus, you and your audience can fully choose whether to attend on location or prefer to follow via livestream, without sacrificing the necessary interaction. Whether it’s a conference, corporate event or festival, hybrid events are the perfect way to reach a large (or even global) audience without a large space or venue.

As a partner, AudioVision not only provides your hybrid event with the necessary visual, lighting, and audio equipment, we also help think through content, direction, and so much more.

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Top 5 benefits of a hybrid event

  • Sustainable: Hybrid events ensure that people do not necessarily have to travel to attend. So, friendly to the environment AND your wallet.
  • Reusable: You can live stream your hybrid event and record it at the same time. This way you not only have relevant content for your (social) media channels, but you can also rebroadcast your presentations at a later time.
  • Always interactive: Despite the literal distance between the moderator/presenter and the online audience, there are several ways to still engage everyone during your hybrid event. Consider live chat, breakout rooms or social media.
  • Personalized Experience: You give your audience or guests the opportunity to choose a complete customized experience. Whether they prefer
    to be physically present or busy with other matters in their work or personal lives, the choice is entirely theirs.

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Hybrid events

How do you organize a hybrid event?


When organizing hybrid events, you have to consider, quite literally, twice as many things compared to the classic live or online event. With these tips, you will be one step closer to the ideal result.

Provide the right invitations

When you send out your hybrid event invitations, it’s important to be clear right away. So send separate invitations for the live event and the online event, or explicitly state that there are different options.

Does all the technology work?

A choppy stream, unstable Internet connection and other technical glitches can quickly cause (digital) viewers to drop out. Therefore, it is important to always test the technical part of your hybrid events properly beforehand. Are your LED screens, if any, connected correctly? Are your cameras and microphones in the right places? Is the livestream running smoothly? Your event falls and stands with the right technique.

Choose the right streaming service

To set up a good livestream, it is not only important to use the correct livestream material, the right streaming service (YouTube, Facebook, Zoom…) is also important to make your hybrid event run as smoothly as possible. Are you not sure which streaming service to choose or how to set up your live stream correctly? AudioVision can completely take care of that too.

Get your content on point

It is important that your content is not only good content, but also well prepared in advance. Last minute changes are never without risk, so always agree on a strict and clear deadline for content production .


During the event

Provide sufficient interaction

With hybrid events, it is important that you not only ensure adequate interaction with the people on location, but also give the needed attention to your online audience. Although interacting with them is often less personal, there are many different ways to engage them in your lecture or presentation these days. Consider social media applications, a live chat or even breakout rooms where you can also digitally put people in temporary small groups to brainstorm, discuss or answer an issue.

Choose the appropriate moderator(s)

To provide sufficient interaction, you need a good moderator as well. A moderator will direct the presentations, talks and much of your event. In hybrid events, two or more moderators are not even a luxury. For example, one person can focus on the live portion while the other is more concerned with the online event.

Put together a strong direction

A moderator or presenter may be as good as anyone, without good direction everything goed haywire. This is not just limited to the person pushing the buttons, strong communication and cooperation between the presenters/moderators, camera and sound guys and all other staff are key to all successful hybrid events.


After the event

Share your event online

After your hybrid event is over, you can share it online to engage even more people. You can even break it up into blocks so you can send everyone directly to the relevant presentations.

Deploy your content for different purposes

After hybrid events, you often have a huge source of content to recycle and deploy on various other channels. Consider, for example, excerpts that could be relevant to marketing. Presentations or talks that don’t necessarily need to be supported with visual elements can even be used to create a podcast.

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How much does a hybrid event cost?

The cost of hybrid events depends on several variables. The number of cameras, the location, lighting … A survey by MPI (Meeting Professionals International) shows that a basic hybrid event costs an average of 7,500 to 22,000 euros. The breakdown of the budget between all the supplies follows MPI roughly:

  • 42% for video production (lighting, sound, screens, microphones …)
  • 30% for streaming (cameras, manpower …)
  • 10% for virtual platform
  • 8% for advice
  • 6% for content
  • 2% for internet
  • 1% for decor

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Frequently asked questions about live streams and hybrid events

Yes you can! We provide a shareable link plus instructions well in advance.

We can connect to all possible live stream and meeting platforms. So we support not only streaming services such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc., but also Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts where it is possible to pull viewers into the broadcast and answer their questions live.

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