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Turbosound Flex Array stackset

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Advies nodig? Neem nu contact met ons op. ★★★★★ 9.1 (51 reviews)

Default included:

De TurboSound Flex Array Stack includes:
8 x Turbosound FlexArray TFA600HW Top
6 x Turbosound FlexArray TFA600L Sub
2 x Turbosound CF600 Conversion Frame
2 x LabGruppen 2x PLM10.000Q Amprack
1 x Cables

Description Turbosound Flex Array stackset

The TurboSound Flex Array Stack is a line array set where the top cabinets are stacked (set down) on top of the sub cabinets. If you don’t have the ability to fly (hang) the top cabinets, this is an ideal set. This line-array stack set is for rent only including technician. This set is often rented by festivals and events where large groups of people come.

The TurboSound Flex Array is a line array system used around the world with both large acts and in clubs and event venues. We deploy it at large techno and house parties as well as national and international bands and festivals. The Flex Array is a medium-sized line array. If you want to rent a larger line array, check out the TurboSound Flashline line arrays.

AudioVision has access to 54 cabinets TurboSound Flashline and Flex Array including subs, all necessary amplifiers, rigging frames and other accessories. This means that we now have an inventory Turbosound, unique in the BeNeLux, with which we can serve all segments of the market.

The Flex Array line array set is driven by LabGruppen PLM10,000Q amplifiers. The FlexArray can be used in combination with the Flashline (for example as downfill via conversion frames) but can also be used stand-alone for smaller events.

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