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Rent a LED-screen

AudioVision rents out professional LED screens of outstanding quality at good prices.

Rent a LED-screen

For any occasion, you can rent professional LED-screens from AudioVision. You can choose either single elements or a full screen in various sizes. We are specialized in the technology behind these so-called LED walls and, if required, we can provide full technical supervision, so that you no longer have to worry about the production and can be sure that everything runs smoothly. You can also rent rigging/trusses from us to hang the LED-screens from. Check out our selection below or rent a complete package for your event right away.

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LED-screens in any size

  • The LED-screens consist of individual panels. This allows you to build a screen modularly so you can build any size you want. Of course, we are happy to help you configure the right size and type.
  • Our LED-screens can be set up not only straight but also as curved LED-screens (slight curvature). Ideal if you have a round space or if you want to create depth in the room/stage. 
  • You can “stack” the screens on the ground or hang them from hoists. 

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High quality LED-screens

AudioVision features high quality LED screens from the ROE brand. These ROE Black Diamond LED-screens have a pixel pitch of 2.6 which is relatively high. With the high resolution, you can quickly display videos and images in high resolution as well. Ideal for displaying your hybrid event online!

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Why rent LED through AudioVision

We are your partner in event technology. In doing so, we relieve you relieve all the technical aspects of your event. In doing so, we like to think along with you so that together we achieve the best result.

  • We like to think with you about the total solution
  • High quality led
  • Qualified and reliable staff
  • Lots of experience with hybrid events and LED-screens
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LED screen rental

The possibilities

Complete LED-screen rental

Looking for a reliable party that can provide your event with a professional LED-screen / LED-wall?

If you have a question or would you like a different size screen, please contact us. We are happy to discuss all options with you.


LED-panels for rent

Calculate now what it costs to rent a ROE LED-screen. We will gladly deliver and set up the screen for you throughout the Netherlands. 

Hogeschool Utrecht (HU)

“A very nice collaboration where everything was possible, there was a flexible response and the quality of the online event was very good.


Frequently asked questions about led screen rentals


LED-screen hire

We have happy customers for 20 years already!

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