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Podcast equipment hire

Hire podcasting equipment now for your next podcast in Utrecht or Amsterdam.
Our podcasting options range from individual podcast sets that you can easily set up and operate yourself to complete podcast sets, where we take care of the set-up and operation. With our sets, you are assured of high-quality equipment and user-friendly operation, so you can focus on creating great content.
It is also possible to have the podcast recorded with professional cameras.
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Our solutions

Renting your own podcast set

Provided podcast by AudioVision

Provided podcast with video recording

Provided podcast

Would you rather not experience stress or worries when organising your podcast? At AudioVision, we understand that your focus is on creating engaging content without having to worry about the technical aspects. That’s why we are happy to take all the work off your hands.

Our dedicated team is ready to make the podcast worry-free. From setting up the podcast equipment to providing professional assistance during recordings, we make sure everything runs smoothly.

Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what really matters: creating engaging and inspiring content for your listeners. Contact us today and find out how AudioVision can bring your podcast to the next level.”

Provided podcast with video recording

Would you like to take your podcast to the next level by including video recordings? At AudioVision, we offer a comprehensive service where we not only provide audio recording, but also enable high-quality video recording.

Our experienced team strategically places cameras to capture your podcast from different angles, giving viewers an immersive visual experience. Whether you’re producing an intimate podcast or a dynamic panel show, our staff knows how to capture the right mood.

By taking everything off your hands, you can fully concentrate on delivering great content. From setting up the recording equipment to coordinating the video recording, we make sure everything runs smoothly.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities and find out how AudioVision can help you organise a careless and professional podcast, both visually and in person.”

5 tips for organising a successful podcast

  1. Prepare well: Take the time to prepare your episodes before recording. Research your topic thoroughly, make a script or list of talking points and prepare questions if you have guests. Good preparation will help you present smoothly and confidently and keep your podcast interesting for your listeners.
  2. Rent quality equipment: Sound quality is essential for a successful podcast. Rent good microphones, audio interfaces and headphones or a complete podcast set to make sure your recordings sound clear and professional. Good sound quality not only attracts more listeners, but also ensures that your message comes across better.
  3. Consider acoustics: Make sure your recording environment is free of distracting background noise and echoes. Choose a quiet room with little reverberation and, if necessary, use sound-absorbing materials such as curtains or acoustic panels. Good acoustics improve the overall sound quality of your podcast.
  4. Edit your recordings professionally: After recording, it is important to carefully edit your audio before publishing it. Remove any errors, adjust volumes and add music or sound effects if necessary. A well-edited podcast makes for an enjoyable listening experience and shows that you pay attention to detail.
  5. Make a video recording of your podcast. With video recording, you also attract viewers who prefer visual content. Adding a visual element to your podcast can increase your brand awareness and appeal to new audiences. This is how you maximize the impact and reach of your podcast content. Of course, if you want to live stream the content, you can do that too. 

By applying these tips, you can create a professional and engaging podcast that continues to captivate and engage listeners. Good luck!

Podcast equipment hire

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