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At a time when online presentations, meetings and conferences could not be done other than online, there was huge demand for large-scale studio locations. AudioVision took this opportunity and turned an old industrial factory location into one of the Netherlands’ most comprehensive live stream venues.

With room for 5 guests at the table, a separate moderator, a small panel discussion and optional space for live audience, the studio could cater to the needs of many clients.

Fully equipped with a 9-meter-wide LED wall, multi-camera setup, view screens, audio and lighting direction and facilities such as the ability to dial in speakers remotely, the studio was equipped with all the technical gadgets.

The industrial location combined with the lighting and imposing screens created beautiful pictures.


  • Curved led screen 9 meters wide
  • Multilple LED banners en screens
  • Full multi-camera direction
  • Multiple systems for content, playout en live connections
  • Light set with more than 80 light fixtures
  • Fully equipped audio and intercom system
  • Operation and thinking along by professionals

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