AOB exhibition stand

Exhibition stand

For the exhibition stand of the General Education Union at NOT2022, we were asked to install an impressive LED screen. And it was! With a width of 15 meters and a height of 3 meters, it directly catched the attention of incoming visitors. Via interactive options the guests could join a knowledge quiz or other activities, every hour.

Due to limited suspension options and limited height in this part of the exhibitionhall, we had to be creative. We build a construction that spanned the entire corridor. This allowed us to make to most of the available height.


  • 5 cameras with video direction
  • 3 55″ LED Screens for presentations or visuals
  • Wireless microphones for presentation
  • Lighting customizable to house style colors
  • Fully equipped lighting, sound and video control system
  • Operation and thinking along by professionals
  • One or more viewing screens

AOB exhibition stand 2023

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