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Silent disco rentals

The loudest party in complete silence

Rent the silent disco headphones from AudioVision and immerse your guests in a festival atmosphere, but without the unnecessary noise. AudioVision rents complete silent disco sets, included all cables and explanations. With 15 – 200 headphones which you easily connect and combine with your DJ gear and lighting. This way you organise always the best silent disco, regardless of it is for 10, 100 or 200+ persons .

Do you need advice? Or are you not 100% sure about what you need to organise a succesfull silent disco? Please feel free to contact us, and find out how we can help.

What is silent disco?

A silent disco is a party, presentation or other event where all visitors hear the music from the DJ (or other music source) only through wireless headphones. So there are no other boxes or speakers in the room.


Easy to organize

Organizing a silent disco is a piece of cake and you don’t need any prior technical knowledge. Each set always consists of the same two parts: the headphones and a transmitter. You easily connect that to your DJ gear or a phone/laptop with Spotify.

Prefer to be in limited company? Then you can also host a silent disco at home.

Silent disco@2x

Multiple channels possible

Hosting multiple discos in the same space? That is also possible! Each silent disco set comes standard with 1 transmitter, but if you like to broaden your options or put the music choice in the hands of the audience, you can of course request additional transmitters. The more silent discos, the more joy!


Business and party

Who says your conference or lecture can’t also be a party? Silent disco can also add an extra dimension to your next presentation or corporate event. For example, giving a “silent” presentation where you don’t bother the other rooms. Or if you want to convey different messages at a presentation to different groups.


Rent complete

You can rent a silent disco from AudioVision for 10, 100 or even 1,000+ people. In doing so, we guarantee not only easy installation, but also free advice to make your silent disco a complete and unforgettable experience.

The silent disco headphones last at least 4 hours of continuous use and always come with a fully charged battery.

Tips on renting Silent Disco

  • Consider in advance what your sound source (e.g. a phone, presentation or DJ set) is and coordinate with us. Almost anything is possible!
  • One channel is worth two. Make your silent disco even more unique by working with multiple stations.
  • Provide a clear place or point where people should pick up and return their headphones.
  • Are you organizing a large event that lasts several days where people are constantly flowing in and out. Then be sure to inquire about our loading racks. That way your silent disco will never be truly silent.

Silent disco for corporate events

AudioVision also rents silent disco headphones for trade shows, corporate presentations, theater performances or large-scale recordings. So your next event may as well quietly be a topper. Do you have any questions or perhaps a bright idea of your own? If so, be sure to contact us.

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